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Social change media won’t ever change anything unless it actually reaches people. The Global Dialogues films are seen by millions of people online and on TV every year.

Available in many languages, our films are distributed for free. Independent copying and sharing is actively encouraged, as long as the films are never sold.

THE INTERNET: We are profoundly grateful to our friends at YouTube for their partnership and invaluable support. The Global Dialogues films have proven to be very popular on the Web, with annual online views totaling in the millions. All of the Global Dialogues films, in all available languages, can be viewed at Please consider subscribing to that channel, giving our films your thumbs up or thumbs down, voicing your comments and sharing the films online with others.

It is possible to download the films for free from the Internet. Once you have downloaded the films you like best, you can share them easily with others, for example on USB flash drives or via the Web.

TELEVISION: The Global Dialogues films are donated on a rights-free basis to broadcasters and are shown by dozens of locally-based stations and international satellite networks. Well over 200,000,000 people are reached by broadcasts of the Global Dialogues films every year, transforming youth voice into youth roar!

TV station directors like the films’ high quality and entertainment value, availability in many languages, diversity of topics and tones, and a short format that allows for great flexibility in programming between and during regularly scheduled shows. These characteristics are certainly largely responsible for the unprecedented amount of free air time the films have been granted. It is strict Global Dialogues policy never to pay for air time.

Millions of viewers every year.

Latest News and Films