1997 GD contest winner now a powerful woman in law leadership

Judge Julie Rose Ouedraogo

Born some 18 years ago, Global Dialogues is built upon the strongest possible foundation, namely a team of carefully selected people of remarkable passion, compassion, professional excellence, partnership orientation and integrity. Today, we proudly highlight one of these people, a winner of the first Global Dialogues contest in 1997 who has become a powerful advocate …Read More

Global Dialogues: a look back at our journey so far

Scenarios from the Sahel

While creating the new Global Dialogues presentation film together with our talented friends at Ideas United (www.ideasunited.com), we recently took a thought-provoking and gratifying trip back in time, as we spent weeks studying photos and video footage collected since Global Dialogues was first launched as a 3-country project in West Africa some 18 years ago. …Read More

Global Dialogues: a unique listening process

juror Cheick Oumar Sissoko

Global Dialogues is all about listening carefully to young people, to taking seriously their thoughts and feelings, challenges and perceived solutions. In the Global Dialogues contests, young people are given a unique, wide-open opportunity to express themselves through stories on crucially important and often taboo subjects. Shortly after the contest deadline, juries at community level …Read More