Global Dialogues and the wisdom of young Oumarou

Children Sitting on a Bench sculpture

“You don’t need those guys. Just forge ahead with those who believe.” It was early 2001, and the Pan-African Film Festival (FESPACO) was in full swing in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where Global Dialogues was based for over a decade. The continent’s finest films were being screened in theaters all across a city filled with triple …Read More

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Global Dialogues Films on YouTube

Global Dialogues Online Youth Video Contests powered by YouTube

In 1997, when Global Dialogues was launched, our film dissemination strategy focused almost exclusively on TV broadcasts and the distribution of hard copies … on VHS cassettes. In those early years, film distribution was extremely costly for us, both in terms of time and money. In addition, given that we were nearly completely dependent on …Read More

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Interview with Stephanie Balmir, Grand Prize Winner of the 2014 Global Dialogues Contest

Global Dialogues youth writing contest winner Stephanie Balmir of Haiti

The Grand Prize winner of the 2014 Global Dialogues story-creating contest is Stéphanie Balmir of Haiti. Presently working on her second novel, this morning she generously took time to be interviewed by Daniel Enger, Executive Director of Global Dialogues. “Tell us, please: who is Stéphanie Balmir?” Stéphanie: “I’m a 23-year-old Haitian. I was born in …Read More

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